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Strong Academic Curriculum

I moved to Carmel because of our incredible schools. I believe in public schools and I know that a public education is the best answer for my two children. Carmel Clay Schools is repeatedly ranked as a top school system in the state and is high ranked on a national level. Day in and day out, the dedicated educators at Carmel Clay Schools are paving the way for the future successes of our students. Carmel Clay Schools already have the best teachers in Indiana, and we must support them with the resources and training they need to succeed 

Nationwide, the quality of public education is declining. Carmel is still one of the best districts in Indiana and we must continue to be the best in the state and the best in the nation. The curriculum at CCS must continue to prepare students to be successful and skilled adults. The fundamental subjects of math, science, history, and language arts should continue to be taught at appropriate levels for all students. We need to ensure we are teaching our kids how to think, not what to think. Students must be taught accurate history so that they are ready to go out into today's global world.

Social studies and history are currently the source of the most questions and controversy. For these subjects, we must ensure that our students:

1.) have a grasp and an appreciation of history and the fundamental processes of  American democracy;

2.) have an understanding and awareness of public and community issues;

3.) have the ability to obtain information, think critically and form their own opinions, and enter into respectful dialogue among others with different  perspectives. 

We need to look at our own test scores, our own student body and our own community to make decisions that are right for Carmel students. 

Most importantly, parents must be informed about what their children are taught. 

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